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The most effective natural dairy farm in romania

Out story


In 1994, a young engineer began a small business with only one U50 tractor, providing services and taking land on lease. His name is Nicusor Serban, now one of the most important players in agribusiness in Romania.


In 1998, Mr. Serban purchased a cow for personal use of milk. As a result of friends and neighbors’ interest, there came the second cow, then another two and afterwards four more.


In 2005 there were bought Holstein Friesian cows from Holland, the most famous dairy cows in the world. These cows are recognized for their large milk production, high quality of the milk and their capacity to adapt to local climate conditions.


In only 10 years, from 35 cows to 1800 cows. The next step is to achieve 2700 cows. Among these, 1100 cows will be constantly milked until the end of 2015.