Dairy cows

We start 2015 with 1800 Holstein Friesian cows, heifers, youth and steers. We’re building the biggest barn model of European Union, with a 800 heads capacity.
We are the most efficient milk farm in Romania, we have an average of 32 liters/day/cow. In order to achieve this, we use the best fodder, the most modern barns (Rota Guido – Italy), the latest and most sophisticated milking station (GEA Westfalia – Germania).
We are currently producing 16.000 liters of milk per day and beginning with June 2015 we will reach a capacity of 25.000 liters of milk per day.
Our cows have champion genes. The insemination material is provided by partners from EU and USA, we work with World Wide Sires. The cows’ nutrition is established together with a nutrition specialist Austria.
The animals’ food is 99% made of our own agricultural holdings. The conditions in our barns are excellent, we have automatic cleaning systems, robots that push the forages to the feeding front, permanent fresh water systems, fans, scratching brushes and many others.
The result of all these investments can be seen in the excellent milk quality.
Our milk has the following features, as the average statistics of 2014:
Fat content 4.51; protein 3.19; cells 410.08; urea 25.54; lactose 4.73; conductivity 2839.78; dry substance 13.82
By changing the nutrition of the animals we can modify the parameters of the milk.
Our milk is very clean, the presence of microorganisms is very low.
When the milk leaves the farm, it contains 1 carbohydrate – lactose, 3 types of fats, 18 types of proteins, 6 vitamins, 4 minerals.